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08:30am:  Check in and Breakfast 

09:00am:  Welcome Address

09:30am:  Calvin Mitchell 

Department of Education

09:40am:  Kim Andrews 

Prince Georges County, EDC 

09:50am:  Arnold Jolivet 

University of Maryland Baltimore 

10:00am:  Morning Sessions

11:30am:  Break/Lunch

12:00pm:  Keynote Address

01:00pm:  Afternoon Sessions

02:30pm:  Panel Discussion

03:30pm:  Networking

Sessions Details

Panel Discussion Topic

Panel Title:  Expanding Your Influence And Reach In The AI Age


  • Ivana H. Miranda, M.B.A., National Communications Chair for Federally Employed Women (Moderator)
  • Mmakamma Ekeruche, Center for the Study of the Economies of Africa
  • Alex Porfirenko, Delivery & Growth Lead

    Procurement & Acquisition Center of Excellence (PACE) LLC

  • John Riordan, JR and Associates LLC
  • Sheila Edmondson, Vice-President, Relationship Manager at M&T Bank


  •  Nasir Ahmed, Engineer

Morning Session

Leading Self

Speaker: Melody Gratic, CEO Xcel Mil

Topic: Living Intentionally and Audaciously, I Am Taking Up Space

Session Description: Today’s professionals aren’t waiting for the approval of others, nor are we allowing “what we do” day-to-day to define us. It’s interesting how when we are at an event, step on the elevator, run errands, or at the coffee shop, the first thing many people ask us “What do you do?” Wow, that’s pretty loaded because what we may or may not do professionally doesn’t define us. Is this the best question to ask someone? Will my answer and how I answer form your opinion of me? Could this question be considered provocative, intimidating, and unnerving? Isn’t there a different way to start a cordial conversation with someone? I believe there is, so that we will dive deeper into this subject. Participants seeking clarity to mitigate confusion or perplexity will learn practical tools to support them in Living Intentionally and Audaciously. Moreover, they will engage in deep introspection, utilize tools to assess their current state and have an opportunity to craft a statement on how they will occupy and take up their space, albeit with self, team, and in the workspace. The key here is for the statement to align with their core values.

Session Take Aways:

  • Identify what’s their core values
  • Align their life mission with how they lead themselves
  • Craft their Intentionality and Audacious Statement
  • Avoid the herd mentality
  • Refuse comparison with others
  • Leverage their unique and core strengths

Leading People

Speaker: Lakisha Greenwade

Topic: How to launch a Tech start up as Minority

Session Description: Underrepresented founders experience unique challenges in their bid to enter new markets and market their innovations. Lakisha will share her story of how she was able to successfully secure partnerships to launch and her ambitious goal to help fund 100 minority founders in the wearable technology space.

Session Take Aways:

Leading in an Organization

Speaker: Sheila Edmondson, Vice-President, Relationship Manager at M&T Bank

Topic: Getting Capital to Expand your Business

Session Description: As a small business looking to take up space and scale, you need financial resources to do so. This session will give you insights on how to secure financing for business expansion.

Session Take Aways:

  • Understand how to prepare for bank financing.
  • Learn financing programs to scale your business.
  • Non-traditional means of getting capital.

Afternoon Sessions

Leading Self

Speaker: Dr. LaTonya Small, CEO LT Empowerment Inc

Topic: The Yellow Brick Road

Session Description: The YELLOW BRICK ROAD is about excelling in your career and achieving purpose – professionally and personally. This workshop will examine and address common and unconscious pitfalls (i.e., perspective, presence and poor planning to name a few) that prevent one’s potential in the work environment and offer effective tools, techniques and strategies like positioning, pivoting and partnership that render performance excellence. Whether you are just entering your career, at the mid-level or mastering it as an Executive, this workshop is for YOU! We all need a boost along our career journey – a path to follow and a system to implement. Through engaging discussion, you will walk away with tangible action steps that will keep you relevant, reliable, resourceful and rejuvenated in your career when you Follow the YELLOW BRICK ROAD.

Session Take Aways:

  • Assess current career status and determine its progression. This is derived from asking the questions “Where Am I” and “Is this where I need to be?”
  • Understand the impact and significance of “being in alignment with assignment.”
  • Unpack common and unconscious pitfalls that prevent one’s potential and /or create stagnation in the work environment.
  • Identify five key strategies that render performance excellence.
  • Develop a professional blueprint to follow and stay on the YELLOW BRICK ROAD.

Leading People

Speaker: Dr. Muteba Mukendi, Leadership Expert, CEO Be Well Resource Group LLC

Topic: Global Thinking

Session Description: Today’s leaders require new approaches to managing societies and organizations. Global Thinking is critical to solving today’s problems by cultivating social characteristics and behaviors that effectively influence others to embody the qualities of inclusive leadership.

Session Take Aways:

  • Drawing the bridge between inclusivity and intersectionality.
  • Determining one’s moral capacity.
  • Developing intercultural competencies for success.

Leading in an Organization

Speaker: Hollie Bodiford-Taylor, Senior Information Technology Advisor and Acquisition Officer at FDA and Chief Officer for DEIA

Topic: Using Mentorship for Leadership Succession in your Organization

Session Description: Connections and Changing Your Trajectory: All it takes is one new connection to change the trajectory of your career and entire life. The importance of mentor / mentee relationships in establishing necessary relationships.

Session Take Aways:

  • How to navigate relationships/partnerships
  • How to identify impactful mentors
  • So now I have a mentor, what’s next?